60 seconds with: Paul Connell, CEO, Pure Telecom

Business, Interviews | Mon 7 Aug | Author – Business & Finance
Paul Connell, CEO, Pure Telecom

Paul Connell, CEO, Pure Telecom, takes on the Business & Finance 60-second interview challenge.

Q. What was your first job?

My first job was working as a golf caddy in Milltown Golf Club in Dublin. I was paid a fiver for 18 holes. If I was lucky, I would get out three times on a Saturday. Unfortunately, all of the caddying never helped my golf game in later years!

On a professional level, my first proper job was as a trainee chartered accountant.

Q. What would you regard as your greatest achievement in business to date?

I have been lucky. I have enjoyed some great experiences and a lot of achievements. However, without doubt my greatest achievement has been setting up Pure Telecom and building it to where it is today. We’re celebrating 15 years in business this year and employ more than 100 staff nationwide. We also reached €20 million in revenue last year, which was our best financial year to date. We’re continuing to push ourselves and are now aiming to double our revenues to €40 million in the next three years.

Q. In three words or less, how do you define success?

Customer is King.

Q. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

That’s easy: “Never be afraid to make a decision or take a risk.” You will never succeed if you cannot take a risk, or if you’re afraid of making a mistake. Mistakes are part of the learning process and if you don’t make them, you won’t learn. I make mistakes all the time; you just have to learn from your errors and move on.


Q. How do you motivate yourself and your staff?

If you can enjoy your work and see job progression and job satisfaction that really helps. Everyone is proud and wants to be a part of building something successful. The key is to bring your staff with you on the journey.

Q. If you could step into the shoes of one business person for the day, who would it be and why?

I admire both men and women who have built their success from nothing. However, I wouldn’t want to step into the shoes of any modern day business person. I enjoy running my own business and would prefer to stay in my own shoes!

Q. How do you relax?

I have a great family. I have five kids and I love spending time with my wife and the kids. I love travelling, rugby and golf.  National Hunt Horse Racing is also a passion.

Q. What’s your motto?

“Enjoy life, this is not a dress rehearsal.”

Q. What are your aspirations for the future of your business?

I am very proud of Pure Telecom and I really enjoy what I do. The people around me are fantastic. I am always looking to build the company bigger. The only way in which to do this is to provide a product that my customers want at an affordable price – and to keep those customers happy with a reliable service and great customer care. We have been doing this for a long time now, but there is always scope to improve.

You will never succeed if you cannot take a risk, or if you’re afraid of making a mistake.