Guest blog: Can flexible offices create certainty in these uncertain times?

Guest Blog | Tue 18 May | Author – Business & Finance

The traditional workspace has been flipped on its head due to the pandemic. This has forced many decision-makers to reassess the practicalities of owning or renting large offices. Using their own experience as an Irish SME, Iconic understands the challenges businesses face and are constantly evolving their approach to create solutions to those challenges. Joe McGinley, CEO Iconic Offices, says they are committed to offering the best options for office/workspace management.

In this vein of evolution, home office culture has grown significantly with the pandemic. A Eurofound survey conducted in late 2020 found that Ireland has the second-highest rate of working from home in the EU. More recently, a JLL report revealed last month that 50% of the workforce surveyed wanted to work both in the office and remotely.

A common misconception of shared workspaces is that people feel they’re working in a temporary space instead of a space integrated with their own company. However flexible workspace is ever-growing as the desired solution for multiple businesses sizes and industries, based on the diverse ways of working and the ability to adapt as needed, while financing accordingly. Iconic believes in a holistic approach to accommodating a company’s specific needs by taking the concept of a ‘design-led’ space and expanding its meaning far beyond décor to adaptable working models; all backed by great customer service and human beings who care.

In their experience, Iconic finds that many employers are cautious of committing to a long-term contract and want to minimise risk. They also know that the hierarchy of requirements for a business usually features flexibility, safety and support as top priorities. In a Covid world, the next 12 months are a grey area for most industries, so it is understandable that decision-makers are looking for short-term solutions rather than long-term commitments.

We have stayed close to our long-established clients over the last 12 months, understanding their challenges and changes with the workspace. For the most part, businesses are eager to get back to their office spaces while offering their employees more flexible working options. The traditional office leasing market will always be an option for some more established businesses but we are working closely with existing and new clients to provide more tailored solutions to help commerce progress.”

Employers and employees alike value a human approach. A physical presence of a good team and an infrastructure that supports business functionality helps Iconic’s clients work better. A shared workspace can be beneficial for outsourcing everything from administrative duties to furnishings, utility bills, phone answering services, and bespoke Internet and telecom options to suit. Iconic look after the day to day admin so the business can focus on their success.

Iconic Offices break down walls (literally), to help clients create the perfect space; from reconfiguring floors, custom fitting breakout spaces, and redesigning IT structures. When companies base their business at Iconic Offices, they get a lot more than just a desk. Additional services include a Front of House team who support members day to day, in-house IT and maintenance teams, and an event schedule that accommodates upskilling & wellness events weekly, now available virtually.

Investments into safety measures for Iconic’s spaces have also been made a top priority. From temperature scanners to Plexi-Pod workstations, the wellbeing of staff and community members has been placed first to aid a safer return to workspaces for everyone.

Iconic are working consultatively with a wide range of businesses who are unsure of their next steps to customise a unique solution that has the flexibility to evolve over time. From Sales to IT to Property and Customer service teams, the end to end support and guidance comes as standard. Tell them your challenge or desired “way of working” and they’ll build bespoke options.