“Blueface/Star2Star represents challenger brands” – CEO Alan Foy on unified communications as a service

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Alan Foy, Blueface/Star2Star, unified communications
Alan Foy, CEO, Blueface/Star2Star

Alan Foy is Group CEO of the global unified-communications-as-a-service business Blueface/Star2Star. He discusses the range of communications services his company offers as well as the desire to be the world’s best in its particular sector.


What does Blueface/Star2Star offer?

The Group CEO of Blueface/Star2Star, Alan Foy, detailed what his communications company puts on the table:

We provide unified communications, voice services, video-conferencing products and a whole suite of communications offerings to SMB [small- to medium-sized businesses] enterprise and also to carriers, globally.

The company has real ambitions going forward: “We’re really positioned as a top-five unified-communications-as-a-service provider today – we’d like to be number one.” said Foy.

Who do Blueface/Star2Star represent in the market?

The CEO remarked on Blueface and Star2Star really engaging with clients in taking on the established coms market already in place. This is done via a whole cleanse of the sector and delivering on more efficient and up-to-date systems.

Blueface/Star2Star represents challenger brands in the marketplace that are taking on, not only the legacy telcos and the legacy incumbents, but really transforming the enterprise communications space.

He continued: “So our product offering and our solution set is a real digital disruptor in a lot of our client workspaces, globally, and as part of that we actually deliver value and what we believe is a very differentiated product set.”

What are the types of products available?

The company chief executive went into further detail on what Blueface/Star2Star offers for its clients, highlighting in particular the SaaS (software as a service) capabilities that are available in scaling and modifying what is required for each client’s needs.

Blueface and Star2Star offer a complete product set around unified communications as a service. That’s everything from hosted phone solutions, call conferencing, video conferencing, hosted contact centres and an entire enterprise SaaS integrations platform.

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Foy went on to say: “All of that is globally distributed; it’s a proprietary technology stack – and both Star2Star and Blueface invest heavily in R&D and technology across our offices.

Global reach

The telecommunications firms is looking to expand its reach at every opportunity.

“We actually have our R&D teams in Dublin, Sarasota [in Florida], in Atlanta, in New York and indeed in Brazil as well.” Foy stated.

alan foy blueface

Alan Foy, CEO, Blueface/Star2Star

Blueface/Star2Star are pushing out worldwide and are on an expansion cycle currently. In the Asia-Pacific region, Foy is building and further solidifying carrier relationships and expects to look at South America and other markets as well.

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