Business & Finance celebrates CEO 100 with special event

CEO 100 | Thu 20 Feb | Author – Business & Finance
Pictured (L-R): Ian Hyland (President/Publisher, Business & Finance Media Group), guest of honour Margot Slattery, JD Buckley (CEO, Sky Ireland)

Business & Finance last night celebrated CEO 100, an event honouring the 100 most innovative and influential Chief Executive Officers in Ireland

Last night, Business & Finance hosted a celebration for the CEO 100 Index. The annual Index highlights and honours the 100 most innovative and influential Chief Executive Officers in Ireland. 

Guest of honour Margot Slattery addresses attendees at the CEO 100 event

Guest of honour, Margot Slattery, Global Diversity and Inclusion Officer at Sodexo, spoke about how Ireland, as a nation, has reaped the benefits of ambition and how important it is for that dynamic energy to continue.

“Diverse companies hire the top talent”

She emphasised the significance of companies having genuine and proactive Diversity and Inclusion programmes and how businesses and employees can only benefit by growing in strength and assuredness as a result of same. “Diverse companies hire the top talent,” she said. “Belonging is the part that really matters”.

Pictured (L-R): Sarah Freeman (Business & Finance), Eva Dostalova, Stephen Cluskey (Mobility Mojo) and John Jordan (Ornua)

JD Buckley, CEO of Sky Ireland, was awarded FDI of the Month in recognition of Sky Ireland’s contribution to Foreign Direct Investment. “We are becoming the aggregator of choice in Ireland,” said Buckley.

“We are becoming the aggregator of choice in Ireland”

Sky has had a presence in Ireland for over 20 years. Since the opening of its Irish corporate headquarters in early 2013, the Comcast-owned subsidiary has had on-the-ground support in the Irish capital in order to facilitate its continued growth.

Pictured (L-R): Chris Burge (Spark Crowdfunding), Maurice Blake (Magnet Networks), and Peter Hendrick (National Broadband Ireland) at the CEO 100 event

Partners Matheson had a presence at the CEO 100 event