CMO 100 Webinar: Key Marketing Trends for 2023

CMO 100 Webinar: Key Marketing Trends for 2023

in partnership with Cvent

Business & Finance Media Group is the publisher of leading business magazine, Business & Finance, and the organisation behind some of Ireland’s most prestigious business awards and event programmes. One such event is our annual CMO 100 event, which encompasses the publication of an index of the top 100 marketing leaders combined with a CMO-level virtual panel discussion. 

We will be publishing the CMO 100 Index 2023 on 16th February and, to coincide with this, we are hosting a CMO 100 Index webinar in partnership with Cvent, which will be broadcast on the same day. 


  • Tara Collins, CMO, National Broadband Ireland
  • Conor O’Donovan, Head of Global Communications, Strategic Marketing & Events, Enterprise Ireland
  • Siobhan Smith, Senior Global Marketing Manage, Expleo 
  • Cliona Hayes, Director of Global Brand & Advertisin, Indeed
  • Karen Carter, Director of Enterprise Marketing, Cvent (Moderator)

The CMO 100 discussion will explore key marketing trends for 2023, including best practice UX in digital marketing, optimising marketing spend and the importance of events as a marketing channel, as well reviewing marketing challenges and priorities in times of economic instability.

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