Creative minds converged at KBC Bank’s Inspiration Day

By Business & Finance
08 June 2018
KBC Bank, Inspiration Day, innovation, change

KBC Bank’s Inspiration Day, in partnership with Dublin Tech Summit, took place on Wednesday, 30 May, where panellists from a diverse range of businesses discussed the changing face of their industries and how they are at the forefront of this.


Eddie Dillon, Director of Innovation at KBC Bank Ireland, introduced the evening discussion at Inspiration Day, where Liam Cox, Deliveroo Ireland; Darya Yegorina, CleverBooks; David Madden, Moove Estate Agency and James McElroy, HouseMyDog conversed over what’s changing in their field and how they are at the forefront of this change.

Dillon commented on KBC Bank’s standing in the digital innovation process in Ireland:

KBC is a digital-first challenger bank in Ireland, and that means that we are working intensely to deliver the raised expectation of Irish consumers.

KBC Bank, Inspiration Day, inspiration, innovation

Niall McGarry, JOE Media and Evanne Ní Chuilinn

The changing dynamic of media

RTÉ journalist Evanne Ní Chuilinn moderated the panel discussion and interviewed JOE Media owner and founder Niall McGarry.

McGarry said the media industry has drastically changed:

The publishing industry was ripe for technological change. We got in at the right time, we were able to take advantage of quicker ways for people to consume content, i.e. through their smartphone, build big audiences through social.

He continued: “Ultimately the publishing industry has shrunk and the media industry has shrunk in terms of the resources needed to create video projects, audio projects and stories.”

Diverse mindsets

The panel discussion ranged from everything from property to education, food delivery to animal care.

Liam Cox of Deliveroo spoke of the changes in analysing customer expectations:

Previously customers would’ve had to wait between 45 minutes to an hour for their food and wouldn’t really have a good sense of where it’s coming from. We now have in-app tracking that allows us to see exactly where it is, and I think that instils a great deal of trust in our customer and our restaurants.

Darya Yegorina of CleverBooks wants to use technology to further children’s skill sets:

At CleverBooks, we’re changing the way augmented reality is used […] The solutions that we make are helping to develop the skills that kids need for the future.

KBC Bank, Inspiration Day, inspiration, innovation

David Madden, Moove Estate Agency; Liam Cox, Deliveroo; Darya Yegorina, CleverBooks; James McElroy, HouseMyDog and Evanne Ní Chuilinn

David Madden of Moove Estate Agency says his service can save clients money by engaging in the same process:

In short, we a full-service estate agency – we just charge a hell of a lot less than your traditional estate agency. What we’re changing is the perception that people think they have to pay a huge amount of money of fees to estate agents.

James McElroy of HouseMyDog talks about bringing the outdated pet services sector online:

Being able to go online and find a dog sitter and look at people’s profiles and pay that way – it’s something that’s actually relatively new in Europe. That’s the big thing we’re changing.