Ibec: ‘Be the Voice’ in European Parliament vote

Business | Fri 24 May | Author – Business & Finance

Ibec’s voting message puts the case forward for a strong Irish voice into one of Europe’s key institutions

Ibec is Ireland’s largest lobby group representing business regionally, nationally and internationally. Its membership is home grown, multinational, big and small, and spanning every sector of the economy. In the run up to the European parliamentary elections, Ibec has made a case for a strong Irish voice in Europe’s key institutions, encouraging Irish businesses to vote for a parliament that looks after their interests.

Globalisation, digitalisation, changing lifestyles and new consumer preferences are transforming how we live and work. The European Parliament has an important role to play in ensuring the people of Europe can make the most of these new opportunities.

According to the lobby group, there are a number of initiatives that Europe must encompass:

A Europe that helps businesses grow and supports jobs

Businesses must constantly adapt and innovate to keep up with a changing global environment. The European Parliament must support these efforts, not hinder them. It must open new opportunities for companies to trade across borders and not lose sight of the need to stay globally competitive.

A sustainable Europe

The European Parliament should ensure that sustainability is a core element of its approach to policy-making. It must work to deliver a competitive, low carbon, climate-resilient and environmentally-friendly economic future for Europe.

The future for Irish and EU services trade

The EU has opened up extensive opportunities to trade, attract investment and foster a skilled workforce. Our future economic fortunes continue to demand an outward-looking, dynamic and successful EU. One that embraces change and is aligned with the needs of business and citizens.

To see more about Ibec’s Be the Voice campaign, go to their website here.