Ireland INC US 250 Index 2020 released today, supported by KPMG

Ireland INC Index | Mon 16 Mar | Author – Business & Finance
Pictured: Ireland INC US 250 Index 2020

The third edition of the Ireland INC US 250 Index 2020 is released today, supported by KPMG. This celebrates the strength and value of Irish FDI in the United States, which currently stands at $235.7 billion.

Today sees the release of the third edition of the Ireland INC US 250 Index 2020, supported by KPMG. This year’s Index, comprising 250 of the fastest growing Irish companies investing and operating in the US, truly reflects the strength and value of Irish FDI in the States which currently stands at $235.7 billion.

Founder and President Ireland INC, Ian Hyland said, “Ireland and the United States have been challenged once again by a volatile political climate. With the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union on January 21st this year, many questions remain unanswered regarding future trade relations between Ireland and the UK, the US and the UK, and indeed between our countries and the European Union. However, one certainty remains: The relationship Ireland has with the United States, one that has existed for centuries, remains as unshakeable as ever.”

Ireland is the 9th largest supporter of FDI to the US economy across a range of industries including construction, education, environmental, medical devices and software. This year’s Index recognises and showcases those companies who are contributing directly to the growth of Irish business across the US.

With US affiliates of Irish-owned firms now employing 106,000 US workers, almost on a par with the numbers employed in Ireland by US companies, it’s clear that the economic relationship between both countries is growing ever stronger. Augmenting this are the 600 Irish-owned companies operating in over 1000 locations across the states as well as the 900 Irish companies exporting there.  

Seamus Hand, Managing Partner, KPMG in Ireland said of the Index, “The report provides policymakers and other stakeholders with worthwhile insights into the many business linkages that cross the Atlantic and the drivers of economic success. The strong ties also underpin tens of thousands of high value jobs. Such employment brings a measurable benefit to a great many households in both of our countries. This investment in jobs is testament to the confidence of our business leaders and entrepreneurs in the benefits of business transacted between Ireland and the US.  The highly skilled nature of the personnel employed in the businesses set out in the report provides further validation of the strategies pursued by these companies and our Governments.

To see the Ireland INC US 250 Index, please see here