Magnet Networks offers free conferencing facility to businesses of any size

Business For Good | Wed 29 Apr | Author – Business & Finance
Pictured: Louise McKeown, Marketing and Product Director, Magnet Networks

Magnet Networks, a leading Telecommunications, Data Connectivity and Security Services provider, is offering an audio or video conferencing service to businesses of any size in Ireland completely free of charge for 60 days.

To access the free service, companies need to contact Magnet Networks via their website. Louise McKeown, Marketing and Product Director, said:

We wanted to do something to help. We are offering this conferencing facility for free, there is no hidden charge anywhere. We have had a huge response already with 580 businesses signed up to use the facility. 

Magnet Networks is also offering an online IT solution for the flat fee of 25 euro. The company’s IT team will remotely solve technical issues for those working from home and people in isolation with a call back within 60 minutes of receiving the inquiry. 

Our IT team includes some of the most skilled in the business and since the country went on lockdown, we’ve been fielding a deluge of calls relating to working from home issues including connecting printers, using webcams, tweaking audio and camera issues. We took a decision to help businesses at a crucial moment in the crisis. For a flat fee of 25 euro, we will offer virtual support for anyone with technical issues. 

McKeown said that the service has proved very popular with clients booking calls for older people who may be cocooning and struggling to set up devices for video calling with their loved ones. “We solve 97% of issues on that one phone call.”

To avail of this virtual support, customers need to visit the Magnet Networks website and fill out an inquiry form. Once the team knows that they can help, they will virtually walk the person through solving the problem.

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