BT to hire 3,000 engineers to establish faster UK broadband

Employment, Technology | Thu 1 Feb | Author – Business & Finance

The hiring plan is to speed up the installation of fibre broadband and to do away with ‘out-spots’ across city and urban areas across the UK.

BT Group hopes to hit three million homes and businesses by 2020 with their next-generation gigabit speed Internet. The previous figure was just two million.

Last year BT announced 4,000 jobs cuts worldwide with half of these coming in the UK.

£3 billion is the proposed spend on the new broadband as the group has been the target of huge pressure from the general public and politicians to speed up Britain’s Internet speeds.

Openreach, Britain’s digital network business, is owned by BT but is independently governed and will work to install the new fibre network.

Its network covers 30 million premises, carries 300 million phone calls every day and provides 8.6 million fibre lines to homes and businesses.

Fibre broadband is said to be 500-times faster than standard UK broadband and three-times quicker than BT’s current fastest offer.