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Business Person of the Month October 2022: Rosheen McGuckian, CEO of NTR, steers deal with AIB to drive renewable energy sources

By Business & Finance
01 November 2022
Rosheen McGuckian
Pictured: Rosheen McGuckian, CEO, NTR

Rosheen McGuckian is the CEO of NTR and is our Business Person of the Month October 2022, in association with KPMG. NTR has signed a Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA) with Irish banking group AIB to source energy generated from two solar farms NTR will construct in County Wexford.

AIB has entered a multimillion-euro deal with Irish renewable energy company NTR. 80 per cent of the bank’s electricity needs will be provided by two solar farms that NTR is developing in Enniscorthy and Gorey in Co Wexford.

AIB is the first Irish company to conclude such an agreement, having made a commitment to source 100% of its power requirements from certified renewable energy sources by 2030. Not only will the energy gleaned from NTR’s Co Wexford sites service AIB’s retail and office network of over 270 properties, it will provide additional generation capacity into the national grid.

The two solar farms at Enniscorthy and Gorey combined will result in 21.4 GWh of new renewable energy being placed in the Irish grid.

AIB CEO Colin Hunt said: “Sustainability is a key strategic priority for AIB as we seek to help protect our fragile planet from the devastating impact of climate change by reducing our own carbon footprint and helping our customers to do the same. We are delighted to partner with NTR on this innovative project to enable two new solar farms to be built in Ireland, guaranteeing that the electricity we use to power AIB’s own operations will be certified to a fully traceable renewable solar energy source.

“It is also a key enabler to help us achieve our target to be net zero on our own operations by 2030. As we launch AIB’s Sixth Sustainability Conference today, our message is that we have no time to waste in tackling climate change which is the greatest challenge facing our generation.’’

This agreement will contribute to the delivery of the Irish Government’s Climate Action Plan which has set a target of 15% of all electricity demand being met by renewable generators contracted under CPPAs by 2030. The agreement also ensures the bank has a sustainable and secure energy supply at a fixed price for 15 years.

NTR CEO Rosheen McGuckian said: “Corporate PPAs such as this are an integral part of the solution to drive the clean energy transition across our European markets, but it is particularly gratifying to sign a PPA in our home market with AIB who is leading the charge for Irish companies in embracing this way to access clean affordable power. AIB’s dedication to sustainability is clear, and we’re excited to be partnering with them to help them achieve their vision.”

McGuckian was appointed Chief Executive Officer of NTR plc in April 2013.  Since joining NTR in 2008, McGuckian has held a number of leadership positions, including Group Business Development Director and CEO positions in solar development, energy storage, water treatment and waste management platforms within the group.

McGuckian was previously CEO of GE Money Ireland, the consumer finance division of General Electric. Prior to that, McGuckian led the business transformation initiative for Irish utility ESB Power Generation.

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