CallidusCloud acquires e-learning platform Learning Seat

Business, Technology | Tue 5 Dec | Author – Business & Finance

The cloud-based sales and learning company recently announced that it has acquired the e-learning platform Learning Seat.

This news of the acquisition will add to Callidus Software Inc.’s vast Litmos Learning Platform by adding nearly 500 courses to the already-existing plethora of learning functionality. The conglomerate of Litmos and Learning Seat caters for organisations in providing tailored training for an individual’s knowledge set.

Learning Seat is considered one of the leading compliance content providers in Australia and New Zealand.

Executive Vice-President of Litmos and Corporate Development at CallidusCloud Rory Cameron said: “Learning Seat adds adaptive learning and 500 courses in the high-growth markets of Asia Pacific. They are the perfect complement to our Litmos capabilities.

“This is yet another talented team of learning specialists whose customers hold them in high regard. The unique adaptive technology they have pioneered is revolutionizing the learning experience.”

CallidusCloud will purchase Learning Seat Holdings Pty Ltd, based in Melbourne, Australia, for $26.4 million in cash.

CEO of Learning Seat Phil Tutty said: “We are really excited to be joining CallidusCloud and its Litmos team.

“Litmos and Learning Seat, combined, represent a great opportunity in the local markets and allows us to bring our Adaptive Learning Technology to the global market through the CallidusCloud channel.”