DCU launches ambitious €323m development programme

Economy, Finance | Wed 21 Oct | Author – Business & Finance
DCU shaping the future
Dr Peter Cochrane and Mia Helly (10) from Castleknock pictured at the launch

Dublin City University (DCU) has announced the first funding step of an ambitious programme that aims to align DCU’s research objectives with global challenges.

The programme,entitled Shaping the Future, will see DCU deliver significant global impact in areas such as education, connected health, conflict resolution and water security.

The university has already achieved 25% of the campaign’s fundraising target, attracting donations of €25m over the last three years.

Professor Brian MacCraith, president, DCU, outlined DCU’s strategic ambition in launching the development plan. “DCU has a reputation as an innovative force within the most rapidly expanding region in the country. We are recognised for our focus on innovation, matching our enterprising efforts to future trends in employment, industry, science and technology. Today’s announcement signals DCU’s ambition to show leadership in this space, to radically scale our future development to meet the challenges of a world grappling with realities such as an ageing population, natural resources under threat, preparation for the jobs of the future yet to be imagined, and an increasingly digitally connected global family where concepts of information, community and conflict transcend borders.”

Speaking at the event, futurist Dr Peter Cochrane delivered a keynote address.

He said: “Our world is no longer slow, disconnected and linear; it is fast, connected and highly non-linear. From the same starting conditions, our systems return wildly different results. We are talking ‘butterfly wings’ – where a small change can see a big outcome. This is true of technology, networks, economics and politics – the old ways and old thinking do not work, and they can be dangerous. It is heartening to see a young, ambitious university like DCU challenging the status quo and taking brave steps to create new responses to the challenges of a rapidly changing world.”

Larry Quinn, chairman, DCU Educational Trust, added: “Since its foundation in 1988, the DCU Educational Trust has been a strong force in advancing the goals of Dublin City University as a modern, thriving university. Shaping the Future is about redoubling that effort to assist the university address the important goals of its future. We will strengthen and build on DCU’s existing relationships with friends, alumni, corporations and foundations. But we also need to establish new partnerships and external funding to strengthen our base and maintain the momentum of growth that has so profoundly marked the first era of DCU.”