Design/development synergy ‘key for businesses’ ahead of UXDX this week

Business, Technology | Tue 1 Nov | Author – Business & Finance
catherine madden
Catherine Madden, director of UXDX

Investors, managers and owners will get better results if they’re aware of how to build better product teams, according to Catherine Madden, director of UXDX.

Increasing the speed of delivery is critical for tech product success and should be on the agenda of business owners and investors in all sectors, according to the director of this week’s UXDX conference.

UXDX (short for User Experience (UX) and Developer Experience (DX)) takes place in the RDS in Dublin this Wednesday November 2nd. The conference focuses on the ways that companies can reduce the risks of developing the wrong products, following the theme of ‘accelerating product success’, and features speakers from Intel, IBM, BBC and Ryanair, among others.

“There are a number of emerging practices that enable teams to accelerate product delivery and success, from integrating UX at the beginning of a project, to facilitating better communication between designers and developers, to implementing continuous delivery pipelines on source controlled infrastructure,” explains Catherine Madden, event director of UXDX. “Many of these practices are leading-edge and teams need support from business owners and investors to pursue these initiatives. There is a cost to adoption, but the ROI is clear.

“Building a product is only half of the challenge,” says Madden. “Once you have written your first line of code you not only have an asset but you also have ‘technical debt’. That code must be maintained, and tested, on each subsequent release. The technical debt, whether in the form of poor user experience or the product feature set, can really slow down teams and prevent them from iterating at the speed of the competition. Investing in UX and DX from the start can help teams manage down the impact of their technical debt.”

Once you have written your first line of code you not only have an asset but you also have ‘technical debt

UXDX sees industry leaders come together to work on the problem of accelerating product success, with key international figures from companies that have built some of the world’s best-performing product teams sharing their experience.

“We’ll have a room full of world-class developers and designers in Dublin, and this represents a huge opportunity for businesspeople. Getting to grip with these challenges, and solutions will lead to better investment decisions, better branding and marketing for your organisation, and sites and apps that attract customers rather than annoy them,” says Madden.

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