Digital Skills Academy announces expansion to 25 countries

Technology | Mon 9 Jan | Author – Business & Finance
Paul Dunne
Paul Dunne, founder and CEO, Digital Skills Academy

Digital Skills Academy, the Irish company that pioneered online degrees in digital skills, has expanded its reach to 25 countries in six continents across the globe.

Over 300 people have participated in Digital Skills Academy’s international degree programmes since October 2015.

Founded by entrepreneur and educator Paul Dunne in 2008, Digital Skills Academy has its headquarters in Dublin’s Digital Hub, with a satellite office in Johannesburg, South Africa. The company is planning further expansion of its international office network during 2017.

Commenting on their expansion, Paul Dunne, founder and CEO of Digital Skills Academy, said: “We launched our first online international degree in integrated digital technology, digital business and design only in October 2015, and are delighted with the take-up so far. Digital Skills Academy offers degrees and CPD programmes that are designed for professionals across all sectors to take advantage of the increasing need for skills in digital technology and digital business.”

Participants in Digital Skills Academy’s courses gain expertise and extensive experience working in international cross-functional virtual teams, which work together to deliver projects. The teams are made up of coders, project managers, digital product managers and marketers.

Lectures are delivered online, and Digital Skills Academy’s coaches and expert mentors provide weekly support to the online meetings of these international teams. These meetings are facilitated using online video-conferencing technologies, and are scheduled at times that best suit the teams to synchronise with the range of time-zones for team-members based in multiple locations around the globe.