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Ding opens New Jersey office to facilitate growing top-up demand

By Business & Finance
02 May 2018
Ding announces New Jersey office opening
David Shackleton (right), Ding CEO, pictured with US team in the iconic Bell Labs building. (Photo: Deanna Ryan)

The largest top-up platform for mobile phones has expanded its operations by opening a new office in New Jersey.

Revenues last year reached $500 million in 2017 and the establishment of its new office is the next step in for its international growth.

Ding‘s business is growing constantly, with some operators reporting that almost 80% of global mobile users do so on a pre-paid basis or 90% of emerging market mobile phones. Demand for the company’s top-up product is soaring from foreign workers abroad.

The new operation will allow people in the US to send top-up funds to friends and family in Cuba, Mexico, Haiti, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, amongst others, in seconds.

The CEO of Ding, David Shackleton, commented: “Our business has moved into the next phase of growth as demand for our product skyrockets. Our new US office is going to help us to meet that demand on the ground, and help us to continue to serve our users among the Latin American, Caribbean, African and Asian expat communities in the US.”

He went on to say: “This is all part of our ambitious 2020 strategy – and will help us to continuously enhance the experience of our users, and serve our customers where we are needed most. Our new location in Bell Labs, which was the frontrunner in trying to achieve global connection, feels like a great fit for us.”

As part of its growing operation, Ding plans to make 50 hires in 2018 and scale up the business further as global demands increase.