Event highlights the increasing threats posed by cybercrime

Technology | Fri 1 Apr | Author – Business & Finance

Taking place in The Shelbourne Hotel today, Friday April 1st, the event – hosted by the International Cyber Threat Task Force (ICTTF) – will cover the topic of ‘Cyber Risk Oversight’.

Cyber Leaders’ Lunch, an event aimed at senior business leaders, will feature keynote speakers Paul C Dwyer, president of the ICTTF and AC John O’Mahoney, an Garda Síochána.

Dwyer will discuss the principles and steps all corporate boards should consider as they seek to enhance their oversight of cyber risks. He will also be joined by a number of guests for a panel discussion after the lunch.

The Cyber Risk International CEO will align 10 principles of strategic warfare with 10 principles of cyber risk oversight. Referencing 500BC military strategist Sun Tzu, he will explain how organisations can develop a cyber strategy with military precision.

Paul C Dwyer Cyber Risk

Paul C Dwyer

“Everyday we hear about the increasing threat landscape, we hear of different standards we should or could adopt to deal with certain aspects of cyber threats,” said Dwyer. “We increasingly hear we have to accept that breaches are inevitable. We need to acknowledge that there is no such thing as 100% secure.”

He continued: “In fact, the term ‘security’ means ‘free from risk’. I suggest therefore the term ‘cyber security’ is a fallacy. How on one hand can the industry say it can make something free from risk, but on the other we have to accept it comes with risk. I believe the answer lies in effective cyber risk management. So how does your organisation go about developing an effective cyber risk strategy?”

A great networking opportunity, the event is open to International Cyber Task Force members and non-members.