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Franchise Expo 2016 highlights work of educational programme

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05 September 2016
Aloha kids

Irish company ALOHA Mental Arithmetic aims to benefit children’s mental development through their afterschool’s educational programme.

The programme, which is currently taught in 38 countries worldwide, uses the abacus and other methods to aid children’s mental development.

Research has shown that using the abacus improves children’s ability to calculate mental equations and develop cognitive abilities such as attention, concentration, creativity, imagination, spatial orientation, listening, analytical ability, photographic memory and observation.

Our brain is divided into two hemispheres: the right and the left. Each hemisphere controls one side of the body and has specific functions. Numerous scientific studies have shown that people primarily use the left hemisphere of the brain in its daily activity, wasting the great potential of the right hemisphere.

Children benefit from different abilities that will accompany them for life and that will play a determinant role in their academic performance. These benefits are noticeable after the first six months of classes.

Students develop the ability to visualise a math problem by regular practise of the abacus and eventually the student will learn to solve the problem without the aid. ALOHA classes include didactic games and activities, these fun and educational games ensure children enjoy learning math while aiding their mental development.

Do you want to start your own business? The Franchise Expo 2016 takes place in the RDS on September 9th and 10th and ALOHA will be exhibiting at stand 322.

ALOHA Mental Arithmetic Ireland Student Demonstrations Video