INFOGRAPHIC: Biopharmaceutical industry in Ireland

Business, Life sciences and energy | Fri 29 Jan | Author – Business & Finance

The biopharmaceutical industry has made a capital investment of approximately $8bn in new facilities in Ireland, most of which has come in the last 10 years.

This represents close to the biggest wave of investment in new biotech facilities anywhere in the world.

Ireland has one of the youngest and most highly educated populations in Europe. This provides a rich and strong pool of talent for the sector, which continues to benefit from high levels of investment in third-level education and the growth of collaborative clusters.

Ireland also has a significant track record of clinical and academic research excellence. The Government has also committed €8bn to research funding to further bolster Ireland’s reputation as a growing hub for research and development.

A key driver of operational and research excellence is practitioner-to-practitioner knowledge sharing.

Photo (above): Abd allah Foteih
Infographic courtesy of IDA Ireland
biopharma infographic