KBC Bank launches next round of Privileged Portfolio Pro funds

Finance | Thu 28 Jul | Author – Business & Finance
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Following significant investor interest, KBC Bank Ireland has launched the next round of Privileged Portfolio Pro funds for customers who want to plan ahead for the future.

The bank’s suite of investment products, called Privileged Portfolio Pro, cater for different risk appetites and feature added protection with floor monitoring.

The latest round of investment funds will appeal to those continuing to seek investment options in a low interest environment, and those who want to accumulate and manage their capital through a diversified investment portfolio.

Customers can buy into the Privileged Portfolio Pro funds for €10,000 and the funds are managed locally in Dublin by KBC Fund Management.

KBC’s fund managers invest the assets, while floor monitoring offers protection during drops in the markets, as experienced post-Brexit. .

Since the beginning of the year, more than 40% of investors at KBC have selected investment funds with floor protection, helping to manage their investment in turbulent markets.

Patrick Van Loij, branch manager, KBC Asset Management Ireland, said: “Our latest investment fund launch builds on the popularity of previous rounds for investors with a wide range of appetites for risk. Whether you are a defensive or dynamic investor, our team of investment specialists are on hand to help customers make informed choices in a changing marketplace. Our floor protection monitoring provides a very useful tool in the current investment space.”

Privileged Portfolio was first introduced in January 2016 and followed the launch of KBC’s Sivek Global Funds in November 2014.