PCH and L’Oréal collaborate on stretchable skin sensor

Business, Technology | Thu 7 Jan | Author – Business & Finance
liam casey Web Summit
Liam Casey, founder and CEO of PCH

PCH has announced a global strategic relationship with global beauty leader L’Oréal, to develop personalised beauty products and connected devices.

The first product to go to market under this relationship is the My UV Patch. Unveiled today at CES, the My UV Patch is the first-ever stretchable skin sensor available to consumers.

L’Oréal and MC10 developed the technology, and PCH has engineered the product for commercial production.

“The beauty and fashion industries have a unique role to play in developing and leading the wearables category,” said Liam Casey, founder and CEO of PCH.

“L’Oréal has embraced technology at the core of their operations. Personalisation is in its infancy, and will strengthen the consumer’s relationship with the brand, and lead to stronger customer loyalty.”

L’Oréal has access to the full PCH platform, including design engineering and development, supply chain management, manufacturing, packaging, fulfilment and distribution.

Guive Balooch, global vice president, L’Oréal’s Technology Incubator, commented: “The My UV Patch is the first of many tech products that L’Oréal will develop with PCH, who is set apart by their ability to innovate and bring products to the market quickly,” said. “We’re excited to be the first beauty company to enter the stretchable electronics space and continue to create personalised technologies and best in class products that provide value to our consumers.”

Photo: Sportsfile (Web Summit)