Suretank announces delivery of complex offshore engineered cabin

Life sciences and energy | Tue 22 Sep | Author – Business & Finance
A Suretank engineered cabin

Irish-based Suretank, a provider of engineered solutions to the offshore oil and gas industry, has successfully delivered its most advanced engineered cabin for the offshore market.

Designed for use as a control cabin, the highly complex A60 engineered cabin will be installed on an oilrig in a hazardous location. Up to six operators at a time can be seated in front of the control equipment while viewing the activity on the rig in front of them through special safety rated windows.

Donal Duggan, Group research and development manager, Suretank, said: “The unit is an intricate piece of engineering due to the multiple alarms and interlocks installed. A control panel monitors every parameter within the unit and will activate a shutdown of the electrical system in the event of any alarm condition. The operators’ safety has been absolutely paramount in the design. If the safety level is threatened the unit will react accordingly.”

Suretank products are found worldwide, including the North Sea, west Africa, Gulf of Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Caspian, Sakhalin, India, Australia, Middle East and the Far East. Its product range includes chemical and acid tanks, helifuel tanks, offshore containers, baskets, mudskips and cryogenic tanks.