TechIreland announces €100M Campaign for female funding

Business, Finance, Irish News, Technology | Fri 9 Mar | Author – Business & Finance
Niamh Bushnell, TechIreland, technology, start-ups
Niamh Bushnell, CEO, TechIreland

TechIreland recently announced its €100M Campaign, an initiative to track female business funding to €100 million for 2018.

The figure for female funding in 2017 was €79.4 million from a total of €580 million.

Niamh Bushnell, CEO of TechIreland, said that this €100 million figure would be a big step forward for 2018 in highlighting the achievements of women in Irish business.

“The next step seemed obvious – let’s set a goal to reach €100 million in 2018, and given that TechIreland is uniquely positioned to track and measure companies and funding, and that we’ve already built great relationships with the ecosystem and many female founders, let’s also lead off the charge”, said Niamh in her weekly TechIreland blog post.

Niamh went on to say it’s not just about the funding itself but about encouraging women to seek co-founder roles in early-stage companies.

“It’s about encouraging more women to set up their own companies. And it’s about supporting them well beyond the point when they feel confident enough to declare their out-sized funding and business ambitions.”

TechIreland will use its platform to help ecosystem players in Ireland measure their impact on female funding to try and reach that €100 million target. This platform will also be used to bring female founders together via a database of funding ambitions for 2018.

The 100M Campaign is being supported by VCs and angels, female founders themselves, hubs throughout the country and TechIreland’s board.

The full blog can be viewed here.