Ones to Watch: Artomatix, the AI-powered software firm attracting global talent

Business, Ones to Watch | Mon 12 Aug | Author – Business & Finance
Pictured L-R: Eric Risser, and Joe Blake.

In our Ones to Watch section, we highlight some of the top up and coming businesses in Ireland. This week we feature Artomatix.

What is it?

Artomatix has created AI-powered software to automate 3D content creation. The solution, called ArtEngine, is one of the biggest advancements in the computer graphics industry to date.

The product offering from Artomatix alleviates the burdens of repetitive tasks, allowing creative people to put their time where it matters. ArtEngine hosts a set of features aimed specifically at increasing the user’s ability to exercise their vision, while also reducing the time needed to achieve it.

Who’s behind it?

Artomatix was started by Dr. Eric Risser. Having completed his masters in Columbia University, Eric went on to do his PHD in this field in Trinity College Dublin. “Artomatix has been crazy journey which really began when I was in high school developing indie games…It’s incredible to now see ArtEngine surprising and delighting new users, every day, with quality and features they didn’t know were possible,” founder and CTO Risser said.

Given the unique nature of Artomatix software, the company has been lucky to attract top talent from across the globe. It has a team of PhD researchers, 3D artists, and tech talent coming from the likes of Microsoft, Ericcson & Google. Artomatix intends to continue to grow its team “exponentially” over the coming years.

How is it funded?

Artomatix has been awarded significant grants over the years. Most recently, in December 2018, the company was awarded €2m from the Distruptive Technology Innovation Fund (DTIF), and €1m from the Fastrack to Innovation (Horizon 2020). The company also closed a seed funding round with Sure Valley Ventures of €2.7m this year.

Artomatix is working with some of the largest AAA studios in the world.

Future plans?

With a headcount of 22, the company is looking to double their workforce in the coming year. The company is at the cutting edge of technology and wants to continue to be the first when it comes to solutions to solve real-world problems for the artistic world.

It has recently launched into other mainstream industries, outside of gaming, such as furniture, fashion, automotive, aerospace, yachts. Artomatix continues to grow its customer base, and every day the company finds itself presented with a new use case and a new type of industry.

We have a very ambition vision & mission. It is all hands on deck right now to continue to the world’s leading software for the computer graphics industry – Joe Blake, Artomatix CEO.