Ones to Watch: Bubblbook-the world’s first flexible meeting booking system.

Business | Fri 25 Oct | Author – Business & Finance

In our Ones to Watch section, we highlight some of the top up and coming businesses in Ireland. This week we feature group booking system Bubblbook.

What is it?

Bubblbook makes getting together easier with the world’s first flexible group booking system. Instead of going through all the painful back and forth of getting people on board, settling on a time and then checking the provider’s availability, with Bubblbook you just share  a digital invite link and wait for an outcome. If there’s enough availability among whoever you invited for any time, Bubblbook confirms a booking and notifies your group. 


Who’s behind it?

MorganThunder-BubblbookBubblbook was founded by Morgan Thunder who has a background in project management. He found himself wasting time trying organise team outings. After polling his team about when suited them, he often found that the providers were booked out on the date that came back, which meant starting the process again. He felt there must be a solution out there that included provider availability in the polling process but, finding none, began the journey of creating the solution himself.

How is it funded?

Bubblbook got its first funding from Enterprise Ireland’s New Frontiers incubator and went on to win their Competitive Start Fund and become HPSU clients.

Future plans?

Bubblbook are currently working on a Community Hubs offering to save organisations time by giving them a shared online space where all their group activities can organise themselves. Trials are underway with 2 tech companies and 2 language schools in Dublin.

For now Bubblbook’s directory of things to do focuses on the Dublin area but soon will expand to the rest of the country.  They are also looking to expand  their development and marketing teams to make inroads into the UK market.