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What is it?

Founded in February 2014, Holidayguru is a bargain travel blog that searches various online travel websites to find the cheapest, best value holiday offers for its followers. It acts as an online intermediary between online booking websites and consumers. Currently, it has 191,000 Facebook fans and averages 180,000 website visits per month, making it the biggest blog of its kind in the country.

Holidayguru also has 15,000 subscribers to its bi-weekly online newsletter and has its own travel magazine section where they compile travel tips for their followers.

Future plans?

The future plans for the project are firstly to reach 250,000 fans on Facebook and also to continue growing the brand’s image by venturing into offline marketing campaigns.

The team is about to expand in numbers to five during the summer and Holidayguru hope to grow that number even more by the end of 2015.

They are also focusing intently on rivalling Ireland’s biggest travel magazines with recent success collaborating with notable online influencers in the industry here and abroad.

Who’s behind it?

The original concept was formulated in Dortmund, Germany by two friends Daniel Marx and Daniel Krahn. After its initial success in the German market, they sought to expand into Ireland and put the project into the hands of a team of four: Martin McKenna, Bahar Sykes, Wynona Grant and Ella Carroll.

How is it funded?

The project received a €1,000 starter fund to launch its social media campaign.

Since that month, it has followed a model of sustainable self-funding, and every euro that is spent has already been earned.

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