Ones to Watch: Vital Fixies

Ones to Watch | Tue 3 Nov | Author – Business & Finance
Jack O'Sullivan
Jack O’Sullivan, Vital Fixies

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What is it?

Vital Fixies is a Irish brand of fixed gear (only one gear) bicycles that aims to offer high-quality bikes at a much lower price than you would see in your local bike shop.

They are popular in cities due to  their simplicity, low cost and being virtually maintenance free.

At the moment Vital Fixies sell their bikes direct to consumers through their ecommerce website (, which we chose as their sales channel because of the lower overheads and the possibility of capturing an international customer base as opposed to a traditional brick and mortar store where they would be limited to a domestic market.

Who’s behind it?

Vital Fixies is founded by Jack, Michael and John O’Sullivan. Jack is the CEO and manages all aspects of the business while John (Jack’s dad, a physical therapist) and Michael (Jack’s brother, an investment analyst) bring experience in the form of a business degree and the actual experience of setting up and running a physical therapy college.

Jack has recently finished his leaving cert and is now studying business and entrepreneurship in IADT, Dún Laoghaire.

How is it funded?

Currently they are completely self funded. Michael and John provided the startup capital in exchange for a share of the company.

Future plans?

Over the next year they will be expanding their range of bicycles to include the option to fully customise one’s bike and design one’s own graphics.

Vital Fixies will also focus on exports to the UK and mainland Europe while also building a network of local bike shops where the bikes will be made available to purchase.

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