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Daniel Mackey and Peter Coppinger, Teamwork

In our Ones to Watch section, we highlight some of the top movers and shakers in Ireland. This week we feature

What is it? is a self-funded SaaS company headquartered on the north side of Cork city. The company creates business management applications with a view to making teams efficient, organised and happy. has 24,000 customers worldwide and a team of 230 people across 18 countries.

Who’s behind it?

Teamwork is led by co-founders Peter Coppinger and Daniel Mackey.

Peter Coppinger is CEO of As CEO he leads the company towards its vision: to help teams all over the world be efficient and organised.

At just 10 years old, Peter began selling Shareware games that he had made himself. While studying at Cork Institute of Technology (CIT), he started selling websites – just as the internet was emerging. This was how he met future business partner, Daniel Mackey.

Daniel Mackey is co-founder of, alongside Peter Coppinger. With a penchant for all things tech, he developed an interest in programming from the moment he got his first computer in the early 1990s. As CTO of, Daniel oversees a team of engineers. His main focus is driving alignment between product teams and setting a vision for the company’s suite of products.

The business formed out of necessity when Peter and Daniel needed a project management tool to run their consultancy. Peter and Daniel were named EY Entrepreneur Of The Year for 2018.

How is it funded?

The company is entirely self-funded. Peter and Daniel are the only shareholders.

Future plans?

Peter and Daniel created a 10-year plan, which, with careful and considered execution will not only see rise to the top of this category but enable the company to reach $450 million ARR.

The world of work is changing. Projects are becoming more complex, globalisation is impacting operations, remote teams are a normal part of the company dynamic and businesses are using multiple different tools to get organised. Teamwork are competing to take advantage of a new category emerging, the Cloud-based Business Operating System, which Teamwork is uniquely positioned to take capitalise on. believe that by focusing on the following areas they will succeed in reaching their goals:

Enterprise Software

Regular customer analysis and monitoring market trends has allowed Teamwork to identify larger opportunities among customers in the mid-market up to Enterprise segments. Teamwork are actively targeting those customers having changed our pricing structure to suit this market. To continue moving upmarket, Teamwork created the “Customer Engagement Group” which is responsible for ensuring large customers are successful and renew, recently started a Professional Services department and are working to be an approved vendor for Amazon “GovCloud” which will allow the company to sell to large government organisations.


In 10 years’ time, Teamwork intend to have a suite of 20 products. Part of their product strategy is that each product will be able to stand alone and they must also have at least one differentiating feature from their competitors. The products will also be so tightly integrated with each other that when a customer is using one product, the integration provides an opportunity for them to begin using the others. Teamwork has agreed the next five products in their suite and are in the process of putting the infrastructure in place to build and support them.

Brand Teamwork

In April, Teamwork began the process of rebranding our business. In a world where competition is always increasing, brand is becoming more and more important. Teamwork is in the process of building a scalable brand that positions us as a trusted leader in business operating systems. One which sees the company recognised for the fanatical customer support we give our customers. A brand which tells the world that software is their craft and one which helps us identify as the good guys — a business that wants to constantly do the right thing by its customers, communities and employees. The new brand will launch in the first quarter of 2019.


Over the next three years Teamwork will be creating 150 jobs, 85 of which are in Belfast with the remainder to be filled in locations across the world.