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Risk & Continuity: Brian Honan on business resilience

By Business & Finance
17 July 2017
Brian Honan, CEO, BH Consulting

Brian Honan, CEO at BH Consulting, informs companies of all sizes about the importance of protecting against a major disaster.

What is business resilience? In the first of a series of videos featuring industry experts looking at Risk & Continuity for businesses today, cybersecurity expert Brian Honan explains why your business needs to be able to withstand an attack and continue to function in the aftermath.

Brian Honan is a highly experienced information security professional, and one of Ireland’s foremost experts in cybersecurity. Over his 25-year career, he has managed and delivered information security projects and services to organisations from SMEs to large companies and multinationals. Brian has also worked extensively with public sector agencies and Government departments in Ireland and the UK. He has advised various Government security agencies, including the European Network and Information Security Agency, and the European Commission. In 2013, Brian was appointed as a special advisor on Internet Security to Europol’s CyberCrime Centre (EC3).

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