When It Comes to Hybrid Working, Iconic Offices Are Helping Business Leaders stay ahead

Partner Content | Fri 19 Nov | Author – Business & Finance

Iconic Offices are the market leader in flexible workspace solutions in Ireland, and have been offering custom workspace solutions since 2013. In addition, since the onset of the pandemic, Iconic have been taking their services and flexible workspace solutions to the next level with their clients.

As the experts in their field, Iconic are there to lead, guide, and support their clients, current and new, of which the majority are often unsure about how to best execute flexible and hybrid working practices due to the many challenges and options to consider. From day offices to the terms of their contracts, Iconic have innovated and evolved their service offering in order to offer their clients even more flexible ways to work. The team at Iconic have continued working closely with their clients, consulting them every step of the journey to ensure they are meeting each of their unique needs, and helping them to successfully adapt to this new hybrid working environment.

Lianne Kavanagh, CCO, Iconic Offices said: “We have been supporting businesses seeking flexibility since long before the pandemic. It’s been our model since day one. Our consultancy approach means we take time to understand the challenges the business stakeholders face and build solutions unique for them. From the physical space itself to the amenities and talent attraction goals – we take a holistic approach to what we offer, knowing the client has to think about all these things.”

Helping Clients find their ‘New Norm’ 

Since the onset of the pandemic, hybrid working has become the “new norm”. However, hybrid or flexible working can be a daunting topic for employers and employees alike, as many are unsure how to successfully implement this practice for their teams. Iconic walk each of their clients through all the different options and approaches to flexible working, to ensure they choose what best suits their businesses’ needs. As experts in this field, Iconic helps to take the stress, worry, anxiety, and hassle away from the key stakeholders, as they handle all the aspects that their clients don’t have time to.

Iconic have the necessary safety measures covered for their clients, including increased air flow wherever possible and temperature scanners on arrival. Iconic made the investment in early 2020 with the onset of the pandemic, meaning clients do not have to worry about implementing these measures themselves. Valuing employee wellbeing, Iconic also enhanced their events program by offering an increased variety of wellbeing focused virtual events for each of their members and staff to take advantage of.

Maintaining Connection in a Remote Working World

Iconic are observing a consistent trend, with more senior business leaders seeking their services to help design and create solutions for their teams, particularly around the theme of hybrid working, and creating hubs for their teams to operate from on their in-office days.

Equally, as the desire for people to work partially from home becomes increasingly popular, employers require an attractive offering for their team office – a space that motivates employees to want to come into the office, and helps to inspire and support them to work to their best ability. While some form of remote working is here to stay for many businesses, employers understand the importance of having a space to bring the team together and maintain connection. Since the beginning, this is something Iconic has always placed a high focus on as a design-led offering. 

Iconic designs every aspect of each of their locations with the end user in mind, to ensure they are a valuable asset to each of their client’s businesses and teams. With a mass movement of talent currently happening around the world, Iconic understands the importance for their clients to have a home for their business that their team are inspired by, and happy to come to work in. Now a priority focus for businesses, this is a challenge that Iconic can confidently solve for them.

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