Wolfgang Digital sees 58% increase in traffic for online retailers

Business | Wed 15 Apr | Author – Business & Finance

Wolfgang Digital, the award-winning Irish performance digital marketing agency, has analysed over 38 million website sessions and over €127 million euro in online revenue over the past 9 weeks in order to compile a comprehensive report of online economic activity.

They will continue to monitor activity in the online economy and will release a weekly report which will cover same throughout the Covid-19 crisis. View the full report here.


April week 2 saw a 58% increase in traffic on pre-covid levels for online retailers. This is trending upwards. Online revenues were up 200% , treble their pre-covid levels. This is trending upwards again. The majority of retailers who temporarily halted online orders for supply side reasons the previous week are operational again. Alan Coleman, CEO & Founder of Wolfgang Digital said:

2020 is preparing to host “the summer of the garden party”. Last week saw pint glasses, sun loungers and trampolines flying off the shelves in advance of the sunny long weekend. It is expected restrictions on small gatherings will be among the first to be eased while restrictions on bars, restaurants and events among the last. This paints a picture of the nation enjoying vibrant “at home social activity” this spring and summer. We expect spend to follow consumers into their homes and gardens.

While home and garden hardware products are seeing dramatic increases in demand, it is important to note online stallworth fashion is not experiencing growth. Clothes and footwear categories are holding steady on pre-covid crisis levels with the exceptions of activewear and leisurewear which are growing.


Last week’s traffic was down 76% on pre-covid levels. This continues to trend downwards. Last week’s online revenue was trending down by 97% of the February weekly average. This is now holding steady.

About the data

There are approximately 100 retail and travel e-commerce merchants of various sizes in the data set. Each contributor is apportioned equal weighting on the final figure regardless of the size of their traffic and revenue. The data set is dynamic. This may lead to slight variances in the figures as time passes.

For the full report please see here.