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Rebooting Ireland: 8 themes of The Business Show

By Business & Finance
13 May 2020

Launched in May 2020 with the theme of ‘Rebooting Ireland’ at the heart of its message, The Business Show will be a series of engagements across digital platforms culminating in Ireland’s largest virtual summit.

The Business Show (TBS) will bring together business leaders, decision-makers, government representatives, policymakers and international speakers across a series of monthly webinars, events, and a 1 day virtual summit on 10 September which will offer over 3,000 domestic and international attendees the opportunity to engage with 50 speakers across all digital platforms.

Here are 8 themes that attendees will hear discussed throughout The Business Show’s many online events:

Business Resilience

One of the key offerings of The Business Show is the opportunity to hear from key industry leaders. Drawn from the business community, they will share their own personal experiences of resilience through turbulent times and discuss what strategies have worked for them in the past. They’ll discuss the next steps for growth in the post Covid-19 era and how to best shape strategies for success in the future.

Innovation & Diversification

The Business Show will offer attendees the opportunity to engage with expert speakers who will instruct attendees on ways of unlocking hidden potential in businesses through innovation and diversification. They will talk through descriptions of innovation and diversification steps they have taken to survive, in addition to tips on maximising the potential of a workforce. 

Digital Transformation

Industry leaders – experts in their respective fields – will guide attendees through an emerging digital landscape, and show how best to utilise the online platforms available. Successfully pivot to webinars, virtual summits, digital modes of advertising, and internet communication with the guidance of TBS speakers.

The Future of Work

With remote working an ever present reality, leaders from sectors such as Finance & Banking, Professional Services, Technology, Manufacturing, Retail, Food & Drink, Energy, Transport & Aviation, Pharmaceutical, Construction & Infrastructure, Public Sector and Tourism will provide insights into how to adapt to this new environment, and how to continue engaging with customers, employees and clients across the web.

Financial Planning & Funding

The Business Show will focus on helping attendees implement sustainable improvements, including real-time solutions, in order to future-proof cash and working capital. Attendees will learn about using data and analytics to identify cash management inefficiencies, and make immediate savings, across the full breadth of a business including Order to Cash, forecast to deliver and Purchase to Pay working capital cycles. 

Business Continuity

Survival is key and the best way to do this is forward planning. Industry leaders will share experiences where planning ahead and consulting with relevant parties in the supply chain went far in mitigating financial damage. They will provide expert guidance re assessing the high level impact on a business and the development of a business continuity plan to prevent or soften the impact of disruption.

International Expansion

Industry leaders will help identify opportunities for expansion in an ever-changing business landscape. Attendees will learn how to adapt virtual communication to suit a business’ needs, and use it to reach out to overseas suppliers, clients, customers and outlets to intervene in a particular field. 


Industry leaders who have successfully driven changes across their businesses to ensure longevity will talk through their process and blueprint for success. Attendees will learn how to incorporate the new ways of working – working from home and increased flexibility – into a business plan to ensure employee satisfaction and a seamless transition into the new working landscape.

To learn more about The Business Show, visit the website.