Can you learn to invest wisely?

Markets | Mon 16 Sep | Author – Business & Finance

Is there a secret to investing well, that can be learned? Emmet Savage, co-founder of MyWallSt, believes so.

Emmet Savage, co-founder of MyWallSt app says, “MyWallSt app stock selections have beaten the returns of the U.S. stock market in every timeframe since launch. This was achieved by rigorously applying the lessons I’ve spent 25 years learning.”

Mr Savage grew up with a father who was extremely interested in investing and so he was aware of it from an early age. He adds, “My personal portfolio has enjoyed 21% annual return for twenty years – almost four fold the average annual return of the S&P 500in the same period.”

He has spent his life studying publicly listed stocks, and is about to share his learnings at a one-day seminar in The Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin, next weekend. The session will begin with an overview of the one lesson from history every investor should know
, and three critical personality traits for investing success, before deep-diving into subjects such as his six golden rules, and how to approach your own personal investments like a Venture Capitalist would. An afternoon session looks at what he plans to do when the market falls, equipping attendees with a resilient and robust strategy for their financial future.

Mr Savage is speaking from experience, as he was heavily hit by the Dotcom crash, and has learned from experience. He describes his early investing years, recalling, “By the time I graduated from university in 1996, the internet had made investing in the U.S stock market easier than ever. Gone were the days of making long-distance calls to a broker on the other side of the Atlantic. I could now manage my burgeoning portfolio from the comfort of my kitchen via a trusty Dell desktop and a not-so-trusty dial-up connection.

“There was a downside though. With a world of information at my fingertips, I became consumed by the noise of Wall Street and managed to do almost everything wrong. I started buying shares in companies I knew nothing about based on the dubious advice of media commentators. I sold positions in great companies just as easy.”

After the crash wiped him out, he made it a mission to figure out how to never get burned again. “I started again with a more considered and long-term approach,” he recalls. “I invested time into properly researching companies rather than just going on what the media was telling me. I diversified my holdings across various sectors and industries. I cut out the speculative day-trading and focused on buying shares in companies I believed in.”

With his co-founder John Tyrrell, the MyWallSt app was born: “We were advocating a considered approach to the stock market in the digital age, so it made sense that we should adopt a digital approach,” he states.

Emmet Savage will be sharing his investment advice at InPerson by MyWallSt. The event takes place on 20th September at The Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin. See the full agenda and buy tickets here.