CEO 100 2022 Index Launch Webinar – On-Demand Registration

Leading the Way: New Era, No Limits

Join us on April 5th at 1 PM (GMT) for the 2022 CEO 100 Index launch and Webinar  brought to you by Business & Finance in association with KPMG.

Crisis can breed instability. As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, CEOs and C-Suite leaders not only have to steer companies to profitability, as is expected, but also must display keen and empathetic leadership as their team navigates an uncertain business climate.

As such, leadership standards have expanded. The CEO 100 Webinar Index, brought to you by Business & Finance in association with KPMG, celebrates and honours the CEOs who are driving excellence and serving as exemplary models at a time of disruption.

Our CEO 100 launch event – themed ‘Leading the Way: New Era, No Limits’ – will feature contributions from:

  • Lorna Conn, CEO of CPL
  • Devan Hughes, CEO & Co-Founder, Buymie
  • Danny McCoy, CEO, Ibec

Sarah Freeman, Managing Editor at Business & Finance, will open and close proceedings with an address to attendees.

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