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‘Early success is a terrible teacher.’ Commander Chris Hadfield speaks about Exceptional Leadership at DTS

By Business & Finance
12 April 2019

Day 2 at Dublin Tech Summit brought together key leaders across diverse industries with former astronaut a major draw

Canadian astronaut, Commander Chris Hadfield spoke to a packed room at the Prism Stage on Day 2 of Dublin Tech Summit.

The former astronaut spoke about Exceptional Leadership and the importance of failure – a key theme that emerged through many of the talks during the course of the day. Tracking the course of his career from being inspired fifty years ago at the success of the Apollo 11 and Neil Armstrong in particular, through his days as a pilot in the Canadian Airforce before seeing an ad in the newspaper saying ‘Astronauts Wanted’ whereupon he was chosen from 5000 other applicants to be one of the first four astronauts in Canada’s Astronaut Programme.

He stressed the importance of learning from failure, always striving to better yourself to align yourself closer with who you want to be and the importance of giving back, particularly in relation to education.

If you’re not helping one other person directly to become educated, you should be. It’s a straight pay back.

Finishing his talk with a rendition of Space Oddity, he left the stage to a standing ovation.