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Compass Group invests in delivered office food solution

By Business & Finance
23 April 2021
Pictured from left to right: Shay Kendrick, Compass Group Ireland Culinary Director, Vicki Murphy – model and Brendan Heinzl, Feedr Delivery Driver 

In a first for the Irish foodservices industry, Compass Group Ireland has launched a solution to the hybrid-working situation companies now face, as employers and employees decide on returning to work and, or, continued part-time working from home.

The launch of the company’s Feedr app in Dublin, partnered with the catering group’s new virtual kitchen facility, Copper Pan Kitchen, will give employers a flexible and scalable way to feed their teams whether on-site in the workplace or at home.

Compass Group acquired Feedr, a UK developed Cloud Canteen solution, in March last year to accelerate digital transformation of its workplace foodservices and as a key element in its ‘return to work’ strategy.

Additional investment in the region of € .5m has been made in the development of the virtual kitchen infrastructure in Dublin and modification of the Feedr app to facilitate production and contactless delivery of meals to workplaces and homes here.

Today’s launch means companies can temporarily swap onsite catering and buffet style meals for an individual delivered service.  Whether a company is feeding 15 or 500, at the office or at home, the Feedr app allows individual users select healthier choices from an extensive rotating menu of 140 balanced meals that help boost physical and mental wellbeing.

Eating good food at work is a core part of the office experience for many, that is both social and comforting, says Deirdre O’Neill, Future Food Offer Director at Compass Group Ireland.

“Feedr’s Cloud Canteen solution allows businesses provide a flexible food perk without needing a full onsite restaurant.  Employees have nutritious meals delivered to the office, on the days they’re in, and Feedr simultaneously groups orders, minimising the number of deliveries”.

The Feedr service, which will only be available in the Dublin area during 2021, will increase flexibility for corporate customers and facilitate social distancing thanks to app-based pre-order and pre-payment, agreed workplace collection points, and notifications when food is ready.

With Compass Group support in Dublin, Feedr has been able to scale its core proposition further and continue to drive rapid product innovation to help businesses digitize catering solutions, Riya Gover, CEO at Feedr, says.

“We’re looking forward to welcoming new customers to our community, as businesses make their way back to the office in Dublin in the coming months.”

Businesses have access to an admin portal, where they can choose the level of subsidy, amend the schedule, and monitor employee engagement.  There is no subscription fee and Feedr only charges for active users, allowing companies to manage fluctuating headcounts.  Home delivery of meals in the greater Dublin area is also an option.

Healthy Global Gourmet Meals

Vegetarian, vegan, nut-free, dairy-free and gluten-free meal options are all provided via the Feedr app, individually packaged and named.  Users are also able to choose their lunch based on life goals, such as opting for low carb or gut health optimising food.

A diverse menu offers flavours from around the globe including Asian, French and Italian favourites, burritos, steak pie or salads, soup and sandwiches, as well as chocolate desserts and treats like muffins and pastries.

The new Copper Pan Kitchen offering also champions Ireland’s agricultural base.  90% of produce is sourced locally, including grass-fed Bord Bia-approved beef and lamb, milk, eggs and seasonal fruit and vegetables.  All packaging is 100% recyclable or compostable.

The Feedr and Copper Pan Kitchen solution from Compass is perfect for businesses without a restaurant facility onsite, or those now rethinking their catering options, Deirdre O’Neill says.

“A Cloud Canteen service takes the headache and risk out of managing your own kitchens, particularly with businesses focussed on managing cost during a time of unpredictable headcounts.  It’s scalable and cost-effective and doesn’t sacrifice quality, but saves on maintenance, utilities and waste.”

Tech solutions like Feedr will make the return to work easier for businesses that want to foster a sense of continuity and motivate employees, O’Neill adds.

“Cloud Canteen reaches near full uptake among employees of businesses who opt for the service, by giving them a safe and efficient way to enjoy subsidised workplace or at-home delivered meals.

Feedr has been looking ahead to a future of more flexible working practices and workplace innovation, Riya Gover, CEO at Feedr, comments:

“Our modular and scaleable suite of services allows us to offer a blended solution to help companies enhance their employee wellbeing no matter where they are or what their new working patterns might look like.”

Recent Feedr research showed 93% reported feeling more positive towards their employer as a result of using the platform.  80% said using the service helps them to eat more healthily at work, and 88% believe eating healthily on a daily basis impacts how they feel at work.

The new business initiative also has a social conscience, with a nutritious meal donated to a school child in rural India for every online order in the UK and Ireland.