Ding releases DingConnect API and opens up mobile top-up market to businesses

Business, Comms, Technology | Thu 19 Jul | Author – Business & Finance
David Shackleton, Ding CEO
David Shackleton, CEO, Ding.

DingConnect API helps businesses layer a top-up function into their existing applications

As the number of prepaid phones in the world reaches four billion, or 76% of mobile phones, and with one quarter out of credit at any one time – the appetite for top-up has never been greater. In response to this, Ding, the largest international mobile top-up platform, announced that it is releasing its DingConnect API publicly around the world – meaning anyone can now integrate directly with Ding’s cutting-edge technology and sell or offer mobile top-up as a compliment to their existing website or app.

The JSON API makes it possible for a business to layer the top-up function into their existing applications without having to have the expertise to build it from scratch, and they immediately get connected to the Ding network of 500+ mobile operators, in over 140 countries around the world.

Commenting on the innovation, David McGuinness, Head of B2B products at Ding said:

DingConnect opens up the world of selling top-up to a whole new audience – for instance a retailer could offer top-up as a loyalty bonus for its customers; a gaming company can offer top-up as a reward for gamers; a food delivery company could offer top-up as a customer service gift when things go wrong etc. It has become just another form of value.

Fraud management tools, sandbox capability and other technological advances offered by DingConnect

The company’s interactive API documentation is built on swagger, with fraud management tools and sandbox capability, meaning users can quickly interact with the API and experiment with real data without risking harm to their own system. It is a frictionless, more streamlined process to offer top-up for any phone for almost any amount. The move further helps to change lives by accelerating mobile access for the world’s billions of prepaid mobile phones.

DingConnect another example of Ding’s commitment to technological innovation

Technological innovation is key to Ding’s business and the company has invested $50 million to date in developing its revolutionary technological infrastructure in-house. Ding’s technology team has successfully developed game changing products such as real-time machine learning for users.