Eamonn Howe, eir business, on mobile as a key business asset

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Eamonn Howe, Mobile Pre-Sales Lead, eir business

Mobile Pre-Sales Lead at eir business, Eamonn Howe, discusses the importance of the smartphone in staying connected in all walks of business.


Anywhere you look in our corporate paradigm, everyone will possess a smartphone. Our phones are an extension of our body, at least in a business sense.

Eamonn Howe is the Mobile Pre-Sales Lead at eir business and describes how important mobile connectivity is to eir.

“The smartphone has become an essential business tool for our customers today. It enabled them to access their corporate services their corporate applications while on the move.”

Though the phone can do most of the work for you, and you as a business can get a gauge of what your customers want from data analysis, Eamonn still sees the need to meet customers and enable them to gain as much value as they can from a mobility perspective.

“So in eir what we like to do first is have a conversation with our customers about mobile; so rather than just selling the mobile connectivity, we like to understand how their business can be most effectively conducted using mobile today.

“We then like to talk to customers about optimising employee productivity – what are the kind of applications and services that we could deploy on the mobile that makes their staff as productive as possible.

“So at eir we don’t just provide connectivity solutions, we like to provide complete mobile solutions for our customers that add value to their business.”

Security is never compromised, and with it being a sensitive issue at the front of everyone’s thoughts, Eamonn states that eir are well and truly on top of this and view it as an essential part of their business process, no matter the platform in question.

“What we like to do first with customers is understand how to make the device secure, so it’s about securing the applications that are on the device and securing the data, whether it’s their data or customer data.”

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