Gallery: MMPI ‘Igniting Ireland’s Potential’ event

Business, Editor's Choice | Wed 13 Sep | Author – Business & Finance
Gerry Hussey, Sports Psychologist, Chris Johns, Economist, Nora Owen, Bryan Moloney MMPI

MMPI event explored how to ignite true potential

MMPI, one of Irelands’ leading and largest retail financial advisors brought together incisive experts and visionaries of Irish business to examine the economic and financial outlook in these times of Brexit and Trump, and to explore how to ignite true potential.

Mr. Chris Johns, Economist and Irish Times columnist spoke in relation to the many theories causing low interest rates and in particular the glut of global savings and deposits. He bravely suggested – ‘Why should risk free assets have anything other than a zero return?’ Mr Johns delivered an exploration of the theatre that is Brexit and Trump.

In the global context, the US Stockmarket accounts for circa 50% of worldwide markets and the other markets appear to be highly correlated with it, however, indications are that European equities are currently looking more attractive. It was noted that Europe does not have the US problems of “over valuation” and “FAANG” (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google) concentration. Johns observed, “Equities are hated for their volatility but have always delivered – eventually.

The IMF is forecasting growth of circa 3.5% – 3.6% next year. Johns forecast growth would continue and he reminded attendees that “There are many things to worry about but the world keeps turning and equities have always delivered”.

The general consensus was that the growth figure continues to surprise.

Mr. Gerry Hussey, Performance Psychologist invited attendees to prepare for growth and to strip away the learned behaviours and thinking modes in order to re-connect with the very best version of themselves.

In today’s fast paced and ever evolving world, focus, composure and good decision-making are essential for top performers. Hussey said: “The ability to keep a calm, clear mind and be emotionally composed in a fast paced environment is what sets high performers apart”.

Speaking at the event, Bryan Moloney (M.D of MMPI) stated that “We continuously explore ways to generate fresh thinking in financial markets to ensure positive outcomes for our clients. This morning, we are delighted to have our attendees discuss the experts viewpoints on the economic outlook and to examine how we can all best engage to enhance performance in the future.”