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GALLERY: Tech 100 2013 launch

By Business & Finance
10 July 2013
Tech 100

Business & Finance, in association with Ireland INC – the business network behind the Ireland Day summits – has today published the inaugural Tech 100.

Combining a comprehensive list of the top 100 most influential Irish technology individuals and companies with articles from some of Ireland’s best known tech leaders, the Business & Finance Tech 100 pays tribute to the best and brightest in the Irish tech industry with a focus on innovation, advancements made in science and technology and contributions to the Irish technology economy.

Speaking at the Tech 100 event, held in The Marker Hotel on Grand Canal Square, Ian Hyland, publisher of Business & Finance and founder of Ireland INC said: “The technology sector is a broad church with deep roots in Irish business both at home and abroad. From Digital Equipment to Google on the multinational front and from Iona Technologies to PCH from the indigenous tech-stables, technology, in all its forms, is a driver of growth for Ireland, its people, its companies and its partners through multinational investment. Technology creates jobs, wealth, exports and income for the State.”

He added: “The Business & Finance and Ireland INC Tech 100 listing identifies the leaders of this diverse community, recognises their endeavours and we hope its publication will play a part in fostering even greater connectivity between these executives in this key sector for the Irish business community both at home and abroad.“

The Tech 100 listing reflects the three primary constituents in the Irish tech community namely the core technology multinationals, the internet-led multinationals and the indigenous Irish technology community.

Honourees, along with attendees on the night spoke to Business & Finance reporters about their views on the Irish tech industry. Their comments can be viewed below.