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Guest blog: 5 ways to boost your office morale

By Business & Finance
15 February 2018
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Hayden Stewart is a contributing writer and media specialist. Hayden gives five tips on boosting office morale.


Hayden Stewart

Morale is the essence of an effective workforce. However, it seems almost inevitable that after a certain period of time every employee begins to lose their zeal. Morale takes a plunge and it gets more and more difficult to get employees excited to come to work again. They begin to seem lethargic and bored, talk about how they can’t wait to go home, and productivity dwindles. When this happens, it is your job as the boss to give your team a work environment they want to return to. As employers, it’s important to know how to boost morale again once the new year has arrived, because happy employees are productive employees. Let’s look at five easy and fun ways to make your office a more fun environment.

1) Offer sabbatical time
Giving employees paid time to pursue their personal goals and passions is a great way to energise them. Spending a few weeks away from work to enjoy art, sports or travel can work wonders for morale. They will come back to work refreshed and invigorated, and hopefully with a new perspective on their work-life balance. This strategy will ensure your employees are much more likely to stay with your company.

2) Get rid of the jerks
People who behave rudely or treat others with disrespect, harass or intimidate co-workers, or lie and withhold information, can have a huge negative impact on morale and performance. Don’t be afraid to let these people go, especially if they are in management positions. You’ll see a difference in the rest of your team right away.

3) Reward
Reward your team for their efforts and make these rewards attainable and genuine. Your employees will see through insincere gestures. Bonus money is a common go-to idea, but there are other reward systems you can try. Anything from small rewards such as gift cards to a coffee shop to larger prizes like vacations will please your team members. You might even crowdsource ideas, asking your employees what rewards they might like to receive for their good performance.

4) Encourage real breaks
Marathon work sessions might seem like the best way to boost productivity, but in reality these long hours can lead to burnout. Let your office breathe with parties or office-wide breaks. Even if the break only lasts an hour, your team will go back to work fresh and energised. Encourage your team to leave the building for lunch rather than camp out at their desks with a frozen meal.

5) Reimagine team building
Team-building exercises are effective, but some are so overdone that they seem boring to most workers. Try something new with team building. Friendly competitions are fun for everyone and are a great way to increase productivity. Offer a prize for the winning team and watch the fun unfold on the office floor. Or gather the team for a workshop where a chosen employee shares a skill such as baking or simple woodworking. You can have your employees separate into small groups to recreate the skill.

Employee morale is crucial to a successful business. People keep the jobs they love, and by creating an office environment that is relaxed and fun, you will be sure to retain your current employees and recruit good candidates. The tips above can help you create an environment that your workers will love to return to every day and be productive in.

Hayden Stewart is a contributing writer and media specialist.

Hayden writes for Financial Business Solutions, regularly producing content for a variety of corporate and personal finance blogs based around the many obstacles that come with gaining personal capital, establishing good credit and more.

Hayden also writes for the CreditShout Blog, regularly producing content for a variety of blogs that centre around cultivating productivity and boosting morale in an office environment.