Irish Internet Association enters a new chapter on the 30th anniversary of the world wide web

By Business & Finance
29 March 2019
Irish Internet Association
Sir Tim Berners-Lee

Irish Internet Association looks to the future of the Internet as The Voice of Ireland’s Digital Economy

The Irish Internet Association (IIA), which is the independent representative body for internet businesses in Ireland, was established in 1997. It works with Irish businesses and FDIs operating in Ireland and helps to develop and drive growth in the digital economy.

Ireland as a digital gateway to Europe for the US

Representatives of the Irish Internet Association met with the US Internet Association CEO, Micheal Beckermen and his team, in Washington this year to begin building a strategic working relationship given the mutual engagement in areas such as GDPR/Data Privacy, Digital Tax, Content Copyright, Global Corporate Governance and International Trade.

Post-Brexit, Ireland’s position as a significant global tech hub is set to strengthen even further, as more foreign companies, particularly US, will base their EMEA HQs here, joining major tech companies such as Google, Facebook and Twitter, making Ireland a critical gateway partner to Europe.

To infinity and beyond

Looking to the future, the IIA will shortly announce a number of strategic partnerships with Irish and international business networks with the aim of strengthening its reach and influence for its members and partners.

Domestically, the IIA’s Net Visionary Awards programme will now join the 23 year old Spider Awards to act as the only industry-backed digital recognition platform, hosting thought-leadership engagement and networking events across the year.  The Net Visionary Spider Awards will take place on November 21st in Dublin, and will champion digital innovation and excellence across the Irish and international business community.

Looking back, moving forward

2019 marks the 30th anniversary of the World Wide Web, founded by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, a British computer scientist. While the internet already existed as a ‘global network of networks’ since 1961 or so, the World Wide Web that Berners-Lee developed is a collection of information accessed via the internet and revolutionised and democratised the spread of information world wide.

Looking to the next 30 years of the Internet, IIA spokesperson Krissie Lundy said ‘It is a very exciting time to be in Ireland and in the digital economy right now, and we are proud to guide and promote the Irish and International business community in Ireland to embrace the digital economy.’

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