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The Challenges Facing Irish Entrepreneurial Businesses – Driving the Value of your Business

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19 September 2018
Emer O’Riordan,Audit & Advisory Partner, Mazars Ireland

Mazars Ireland’s Audit & Advisory Partner Emer O’Riordan looks at the key components to driving the value of entrepreneurial businesses in Ireland today in our collaborative series: The Challenges Facing Irish Entrepreneurial Businesses.


The Shareholder Value Equation

In this episode of the series, Emer O’Riordan takes us through the key elements and challenges that entrepreneurs should be focusing on in order to maximise the potential value of their business. O’Riordan breaks down the shareholder value equation, explaining the effects that recent performance, market sentiment, redline issues and the multiplier effect has on a business valuation and takes us through the main challenges that arise during this process. Challenges include overdependence on an owner-manager, a lack of an overall business plan and strategy, inappropriate funding structures and gaps in senior management capabilities.

To find out more, watch the full interview here:

At Mazars, working closely with and studying entrepreneurial businesses has highlighted many common challenges facing these companies regardless of their business model or sector. These challenges range broadly from implementing long-term business strategies to the issues surrounding succession planning. At Mazars we are dedicated to helping those who lead entrepreneurial businesses to re-align the focus required to maximise the long-term value of their business.

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