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Mingo: Ireland’s first cryptocurrency

By Business & Finance
30 April 2018
Mingo MingoCoin cryptocurrency eSports
Joe Arthur, Co-founder/CEO and Dee Arthur, Co-founder/President, Mingo

Dee and Joe Arthur, co-founders of Mingo, spoke to Business & Finance about their new product, which aggregates all of your messages and allows plug-ins for gaming and cryptocurrency transfers.


Mingo is a platform that puts all of your messages from a host of popular apps into one location. The capabilities also extend to gaming and cryptocurrency.

The product will look to use its messaging capabilities in the future to attract people to compete in gaming and exchange ‘MingoCoin’.

The company has four main components:

  • MingoChat – supports the integration of Facebook, Twitter, Steam, Discord, Slack, Skype and IRC Cloud.
  • MingoPlay – an eSports platform where users can compete against each other in micro tournaments for a MingoCoin fee.
  • MingoCoin – Mingo’s cryptocurrency distributed on a secure ledger.
  • MingoWallet – where your MingoCoins are stored.

Co-founder and President Dee Arthur said Mingo came about through an everyday conversation with her daughter: “Well Mingo came just by accident, really, one day. It was three years ago, Christmas/January time, just a basic day’s shopping to the sales. My daughter came with me and of course we were organising what we were doing for the new year.

“Our phones were making all sorts of noises during this time and I said to my daughter, ‘Is there any app out there that [you] know of that will manage your messages that little bit better – to simplify things down?’

“She hadn’t heard of anything… That night before going to bed I mentioned it to my husband, Joe, and he’s like a dog with a bone, really. So he went researching and researching, and nothing was found. So from that time on I think, really, you could say Mingo came into existence and it took its first steps to being what it is today.”

Dee’s husband, Joe, co-founder and CEO 0f Mingo, discusses the company’s target market and what they can offer them.

“Worldwide there are 2.4 billion using mobile phones on a daily basis. 75% of those people use messaging apps – that’s our market!

“In the future, over two billion new people will pick up mobile phones for the first time. Our offering will introduce them to cryptocurrency, will introduce them to messaging, all on one platform – no jumping around!”

In this interview, Dee wasn’t afraid to state her newcomer status to the blockchain game and encouraged as many women as possible to get involved.

“So I’m new to the whole blockchain arena in the last year and I believe it’s a great stage now, really, because we’re at the starting point, and for women to come in now and get involved and to equip ourselves with the knowledge needed to go forward I think is very powerful for any woman.”

Check out all of the components of Mingo.