2% increase in number of jobs advertised online in the first quarter 2014

By Business & Finance
08 April 2014

The IrishJobs.ie Jobs Index for the first quarter, January to March 2014, reports a 2% increase in the number of jobs advertised online compared with the previous quarter and a 5% increase year on year. A leading indicator for the jobs market, the Jobs Index maps a gradual rise over the past 12 months, with four consecutive quarters of growth.

An increase in jobs advertised in the first quarter 2014 is evident for sectors including: tourism, up by 17%; construction, architecture and property, up by 16%; engineering, up by 17%; production and manufacturing, up 11%; accountancy and finance, up 8%; and science, pharmaceuticals and food, also up by 8%.

Orla Moran, general manager, IrishJobs.ie comments: “We welcome a fourth consecutive quarter of growth revealed by the latest jobs index. It’s positive news for the jobs market. The buoyancy of industries such as tourism, manufacturing, and those in the services sector are reflected in the jobs index figures for the first quarter this year. Employers are demanding a mix of skills across the index with highly skilled jobs coming from key sectors including science/pharmaceuticals and medical professionals/healthcare.”

According to UL economist and author of the report Stephen Kinsella: “Since the Jobs Index quarter (Q2 2009), many sectors have been performing well culminating in what we now see as steady growth in the jobs market. Sectors such as IT, HR, manufacturing, banking, finance, transport, are performing well since the 2009 low, in addition to sales, customer service and tourism.”

He continues: “The increase in hiring activity for property-related sectors may be a leading indicator that a recovery in construction is taking place. This will be good for employment and unemployment too. It is too soon to tell whether the trend is sustainable but we will look forward to the next report with interest. Overall, the Irish economy is in a fragile state but employment is recovering with domestic demand lagging behind it.”

IrishJobs.ie GM Orla Moran adds: “IrishJobs.ie has also measured jobseeker sentiment for the first time in tandem with the Jobs Index. We surveyed 907 people, employed, unemployed and those in education/training, in relation to the jobs market. Our Jobseeker Sentiment figures paint a picture of recovering confidence albeit mixed with some restraint, most likely a legacy of the crash in 2009.”

Jobseeker sentiment

44% of people surveyed by IrishJobs.ie who are currently employed believe that the jobs market is improving. 28% do not believe the jobs market is getting better and another 28% are uncertain. One in three of those at work told IrishJobs.ie that they would be confident of finding a new job quickly if they decided to change jobs.

Only 22% of jobseekers surveyed that are currently unemployed believe that the jobs market is improving and almost half believe that this is not the case.

Those surveyed who are currently in education or training are the most divided about the state of the jobs market in Ireland: 31% told IrishJobs.ie that they believe the jobs market is improving, 33% believe it is not and another 36% are not sure. Students were cautious about predicting the outcome of their job hunt with just over one in four (26%) claiming they are confident of finding work when they enter the job market. 32% were not confident and the remaining 44% were unsure.

Among respondents to the Jobseeker Sentiment measure, currently in work, the greatest motivation to look for another job is money, with almost half (49%) telling IrishJobs.ie that a bigger salary would prompt them to job-hunt. 23% would move for better job security, while 19% would move for more challenges and less that one in ten (9%) would move for increased responsibility.

Jobs Index Q1 2014