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3D4Medical launches new range of clinical solutions with latest app

By Business & Finance
11 May 2017
3D4Medical launches new range of clinical solutions with latest app

Developer of 3D medical technology, 3D4Medical, has unveiled the first in its new suite of clinical solutions with the Complete Ortho app for iPhone and iPad.

Headquartered in Dublin with over 100 employees, 3D4Medical aims to disrupt traditional methods of education by providing revolutionary applications, putting accessible 3D medical information at their fingertips.

‘Complete Consultation’ is the new range of clinical solutions from 3D4Medical that will cover areas such as orthopaedics, cardiology, internal medicine and trauma.

Aiming to transform the relationship between the healthcare professional and patient, the first product in the range, Complete Ortho, allows the healthcare professional to consult with the patient in a new way.

Complete Ortho enhances the entire healthcare professional/patient consultation process, allowing the healthcare professional to take their patient through the entire orthopaedic concern with the aid of 3D technology and animations.

First introduced back in 2013 in one of the largest hospital chains in the US, Complete Ortho was well received.

3D4Medical is now bringing Complete Ortho to individual orthopaedic surgeons and clinics around the world and the general public for free.

CEO and founder of 3D4Medical, John Moore, said: “We have had Complete Ortho ready for the hospital setting for a long time now so it is great to finally get it into the hands of both healthcare professionals and the general public.