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The Aggregate: the B&F edit of the top stories from around the web 13.06.17

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13 June 2017
can carbs make you a tougher negotiator
Could eating more carbohydrates help you hold out better in negotiations? Will you settle for less if sated with protein?

B&F’s pick of the top stories from around the web, from banking fraud to the worst ad campaigns of the year so far, and Uber’s reputational crisis.

NEGOTIATING: Eat lots of carbs before you talk money

A low carb breakfast may make you a more tolerant person according to this article in the New Scientist. Experiments using the classic psychological ‘ultimatum game’ (in which you are split into pairs and your partner is given some money and they decide how much to share with you) showed that people who ate more protein and less carbs were more tolerant and likely to accept lower offers. If this holds true, then conversely, it makes sense that a sandwich before a salary negotiation will make you hold out for more and net you a better result…

Read more at New Scientist.

APPOINTMENTS: What next for GE under new boss John Flannery?

As Jeff Immelt retires, insider and former leader of the healthcare arm Flannery takes the helm at a time when expectations are low. Flannery has been with the company since 1987 and his division contributes 20% of the profits. Can he keep it all together?

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BANKING: The Wells Fargo fraud 

A scandal unfolds on Vanity Fair: angry former employees of Wells Fargo reveal how pressure to sell more product to customers led local bankers to defraud possibly more than a million customers.

Bethany McClean writes: “As Kovacevich told me in a 1998 profile of him I wrote for Fortune magazine, the key question facing banks was “How do you sell money?” His answer was that financial instruments—A.T.M. cards, checking accounts, credit cards, loans—were consumer products, no different from, say, screwdrivers sold by Home Depot.”

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TRANSPORT: Can Uber keep on driving forward?

Uber’s dilemma? Self-driving cars will put them out of business. They need to find a collaborator to move into that arena, but with their reputation in tatters, finding a partner could be difficult.

Aarian Marshall writes, “As the ride-hailing outfit barrels into another week of horrifying headlines, with founder Travis Kalanick’s CEO job in jeopardy, its short-term prospects appear bleak. The trouble has long-term implications, too.”

Read more at Wired.

ADVERTISING: The ad campaigns the phrase ‘face palm’ was invented for

Only halfway through the year and already we have been ‘treated’ to some absolute doozies of marketing campaigns. Amanda Smuin rounds up an international selection on Aussie site The CEO Magazine. How these ever got signed off we can’t quite compute.

Smuin says, “One would think that in 2017, most of these blunders would be obvious. That, say, ‘don’t be racist’ would go without saying. But it turns out some companies still need to be told.”

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