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Business Person of the Month April 2022: John Donohoe, Founder and CEO Carne Group, steers company towards strategic partnership

By Business & Finance
03 May 2022

John Donohoe, Founder and CEO Carne Group, steers company towards strategic partnership and is our Business Person of the Month for April 2022, in association with KPMG.

Donohoe is the Founder & Group CEO of Carne Group with over 25 years’ experience in the financial services industry. He is a thought leader in the ongoing development of hedge fund governance and oversight, as well as the digitisation of asset management. Prior to establishing Carne in 2004, John was a senior vice president of State Street. He qualified as a chartered accountant with KPMG, Dublin, and is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. In 2011 John co-founded Funds Congress, which is now the largest complementary asset management conference in the world.

Founded in 2004, Carne Group specialises in asset management and has particular expertise in the areas of risk and compliance, due diligence and oversight, distribution and governance come together on a single platform to radically alter the ease and effectiveness with which our clients are able to function.

In March, Carne Group was appointed as Russell Investments’ third-party management firm for the active management of its 11 umbrella funds, comprising £32.5 billion of assets under management across 76 active sub-funds. The funds are based in Ireland and distributed globally.

Russell Investments cited two “determining factors” in forming the partnership with Carne, including its proprietary technology platform which is used in the fund management process and handles $2 trillion of global assets and the firm’s global presence and expertise in multi-jurisdictional regulation.

Russell Group’s head of EMEA Joe Linhares said: “This is a strategic decision that will allow us to offer our clients existing and new products in a faster and more efficient way. Leveraging Carne’s technology infrastructure will also make us more transparent, which is critical in today’s world. Carne’s independent oversight and the manner in which it is delivered will enhance investor protection.”

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