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CLH awarded fuel storage contract at Dublin Airport 

By Business & Finance
05 April 2016
Dublin Airport Greg Clarke

CLH Group will operate and extend the existing fuel storage terminal at Dublin Airport after the award of the tender process organised by the Dublin Airport Authority.

The company will manage the storage facility under a concession scheme for 20 years and will also renovate this infrastructure by expanding its capacity and building a new hydrant system.

During the 2016 to 2018 period, the investment will exceed €40m with the aim of commissioning new infrastructures in stages, for which completion is expected in three years.

The new facility will comprise three storage tanks of 5,000 cubic metres each, office and service buildings, parking area, pumping stations, into-plane fuelling unit loading areas and the most technologically-advanced safety systems.

The project also includes the building of a hydrant system at the airport piers in order to facilitate into-plane fuelling that will be connected to the storage terminal through a twin pipeline.

To execute the project and operate the new plant, the CLH Group has created a new company under the name of CLH Aviation Ireland Ltd, 100% owned by CLH Aviación.

The company has already started a transition period, where data on current operations will be gathered and staff will be prepared so that it can take effective control of the infrastructure at the beginning of next May.

Photo: Greg Clarke