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December was “busiest month on record” for broadband traffic, says Virgin Media

By Business & Finance
25 January 2021

Virgin Media Broadband customers consumed 84% more information in December 2020 than pre-COVID-19

Virgin Media customers continue to rely on their home broadband connectivity more heavily after new lockdown restrictions were introduced. As a result, December 2020 was one of the network’s busiest months on record.

During December alone, Virgin Media customers consumed 84% more information than they did in February 2020, with customers downloading 83% more and uploading 92% more than pre-COVID-19.

According to a Virgin Media press release: “With the ways in which we work, rest and play constantly changing to adhere to Government guidelines, we can see that upstream traffic on the network peaking at 4pm every evening when, previously, this would have been much later in the night, when customers were returning home from work and using their home broadband connection to unwind.”

December was a record-breaking month for broadband

While data use has been consistently high throughout 2020, the second national lockdown and the launch of two new next-generation games consoles saw its busiest month of broadband traffic on record in December.

Paul Higgins, Vice President of Commercial at Virgin Media said: “Our homes are once again our schools, colleges, offices, cinemas and gyms so the importance of reliable broadband connectivity has never been greater. What we saw in December in terms of an 83% usage increase since the start of the year was the culmination of a usage surge since the start of the Pandemic last March and this is expected to continue throughout this year.”